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Planning your Product

Planning is essentially the first step in developing an effective, profitable and sustainable product. Be it dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, vitamins, or other food supplements, careful planning for your private label product is critical to success and long term growth. Our experienced product advisors will partner with you to create your unique brand and dietary supplement.

At Health & Love Inc., we will work with you in planning your product’s:

  • Formulation
  • Custom Appearance
  • Processing
  • Exterior Design & Packaging


With hundreds of nutritional ingredients in use and thousands of specially developed products out on the market today, creating a sound formulation that is uniquely yours is a critical factor in your product’s success. Whether you have your own formula, want to enhance a current formulation or would like to create a custom private label, We can advise, develop and manufacture this in strict confidentiality and in full compliance! For those who want to launch a health supplement quickly, we provide a collection of premium stock formulas for you to choose from. Our preparations offer an excellent platform from which to launch your own brand of products.


What is done with this Formula?

Upon establishing a product’s intended use, you must choose ingredients that will fulfill its purpose. Our product managers will help you utilize ingredients that have been carefully documented so as to adequately support the designated use of your product. We will assist you in determining ingredient properties and proportions to ensure the batches yield top-quality results. During the formulation phase, We will help you finalize several other considerations, including but not limited to:

  • Excipient system (capsules, tablets, teas, powders, etc.)
  • Servings per container
  • Individual serving size

To learn more about our Formulation Services, contact us today and a representative will be happy to assist you!

Production & Processing

After your product formulation is in place, the next course of action is to manufacture the supplements carefully and efficiently. Our company offers exceptional turnover times without ever having to compromise on product quality. Production times depend on the availability of raw materials as well as the capacity of the manufacturing equipment.

Our FDA-compliant facility utilizes the latest GMP guidelines to ensure our manufacturing procedures are uncompromising and superior to that of our competition. Combined with our unwavering commitment to quality control standards, We is able to create an end product that supersedes even our customers’ expectations. Furthermore, there are NO minimums – whether it’s a stock or custom formulation, for bulk or small-batch production, we deliver quality manufacturing, time and time again.

Our processing facility offers rapid turnaround times for the production of:

Capsules are compact containers which hold dosages of dry, powdered formula. We offers many different options for capsules, including Vegetable capsules for your vegetarian-friendly product! Capsule shells are also available clear/uncolored or opaque/colored. Besides their small size, capsules are also useful for masking bitter tastes and odors that would otherwise be unpleasant.

Interested in Encapsulating your product formula? Ask us for more information! Our representatives will be happy to answer your questions!

In tabletting, the mixture of prepared powder is compressed into a hard, small tablet that can be easily consumed. Coating is added to the exterior of the tablet which smoothes the surface, making them easier to swallow. This coating also helps control the effect rate of the product as it dissolves during digestion. Most importantly, the coating provides the tablet with a resistance to the environment increasing its overall shelf life.
Tea Bags
If the tablets and pills aren’t what you are searching for, we also offer the service of packaging your idea as a tea. Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Aromatic and prepared from cured leaves, tea not only makes your formula more natural and easy to digest, but the body also absorbs the herbs quicker than many other methods. The paper of tea bags act as a filter, allowing hot water to draw out the flavor and nutrients from the tea while keeping the leaves and herbs contained within the bag.

Private Labels

What makes a product stand apart from the rest?

Is it the logo? The color scheme? Or the name? We know it takes all these things to build a label, a reputation, and more importantly, a name! We design labels for your individual product, giving it not only an image, but your company an individualized identity that customers will look for as an Alternative to a Brand name. Our designers will work with you to create a custom label which will build your product identity!

What is Product Branding?

You see them everywhere; Names, signs, labels, logos, identities of companies that have their names printed on packages and products. Customers see them, recognize them, and seek them out. You can present your company’s identity to the world with custom designed labels, distinctive logos, and even brochures and flyers made especially to promote your product. Our Design department will work with you to create a logo that your customers will recognize as your brand.

The following are some considerations and suggestions to help with Product Branding (Choose one to read more!):

  • Logos
  • Labels
  • Boxes
  • Blister Foil Printing
  • Flyers, Advertisements, and More
  • Printing Information

Supplement Facts Charts

The supplement facts and ingredients are an essential part of every label because it lets your customers know what they’re consuming. With your formula’s information, Health & Love Inc. can create a Supplement Facts Chart that is Complete and Compliant to FDA Standards and Rules! With FDA-Compliant and accurate information listed right on that packaging, you can be sure that your customer will trust and receive the best experience each time they buy your product.

Symbols can capture the essence of a grand idea and compress it into a simple icon that people can easily recognize. Different types of logos exist:

Purely graphical logos of a symbolic image
Graphic Logos that incorporate the name of your brand, company or product(s)
Textual Logos made up of stylized words and letters (of your brand or company)

Our designers will work with you to create your custom logo. Just let us know what you’re looking for!

Health & Love Inc. can design a label that specifically matches you and your product’s style! Usually made to adhere to bottles, each label will be complete with informative details and a unique design which customers will recognize as your product.
We can help you design your packaging box as well as determine the necessary size. Each box is die-cut to specifications to ensure an accurate size and uniform size to fit your product. Available for extra bottle protection and ideal for blisters and tea packets, boxes are the perfect balance of promotion and protection.
Blister Foil Printing
How does a consumer know which supplements are contained within an unlabeled blister packet? Health & Love Inc. can print your product’s name, company, and/or brand on the back foil of the blister packet! Printed on the exterior, this does not effect your supplements within the packets and is another clever way to keep promoting your product
Printing or Already have a Design/Label?
If you already have a label design, but have not printed it yet, Health & Love Inc. will be happy to get it print for you while your product is processing! To ensure the highest quality, printing specifications must be at least 300DPI in resolution and in either: PDF, EPS, AI, or PSD format. We also suggest that any text on your label be at least 6pt in size for it to be easily read.

Already have your labels printed? Just bring or send them over and we can help apply the labels onto your finished products!


Proper packaging and labeling of your health supplement has the potential to tip an all-important sale in your favor. As well, it carries several other distinct advantages:

Protects – the right packing will safeguard your product from the environment as well as inadvertent damage during transit. An attractive design coupled with durable materials will keep your items in pristine condition for the store shelves.
Complies – from a compliance stand-point, proper labeling of a health supplement shows your company is up-to-date with industry regulations. Federal guidelines dictate many aspects of a product label and it is crucial we adhere to these rulings. ( To save you time, We offers FREE Labeling Evaluations – just send us your label designs and our compliance specialists will review and advise if changes are required. )
Promotes – when your product design, packaging and supplement information come together, it should appeal to your target demographic as well as convey your brand’s image. In a limited amount of space, all required information must be displayed and seamlessly merged with the label design to create a look that is uniquely yours.

At We, we offer a variety of high-quality packaging options including (but not limited to):


Bottling is the process of filling bottles with content; whether it’s tablets or capsules. Bottles are available in different shapes and sizes. Below are two examples of bottle types but are not the only types available*:

HDPE Bottles (High Density Polyethylene bottles) – These bottles are naturally opaque and resilient at protecting its contents even at below freezing temperatures. (Shown on Right)
PET/PETE Bottles (Polyethylene Terephthalate) – This type of bottle is known for its glossy exterior and provides the consumer with a clear view of the product.

*Customization options are available for Bottles! Looking for a particular shape or material? Let us know! Our representatives will be happy to answer your questions!

Caps are used to seal openings of bottles and come in a variety of different sizes and colors. With a variety of customization, We provides many options to crown the top of your product. Below are two examples of twist-off cap types but are not the only types of caps available*:

Regular Caps – Standard caps provide you with a cap that is ideal to meet the needs of sealing your product. With many different colors and styles, you have the choice of choosing which top is best suited for your product! To ensure the safety of your customers, we offer the option of including tamper evident seals and/or neckbands.
CRC Caps (Child Resistant Caps) – Ideal for when your product may need a little more protection than a regular cap. We offers these caps with customization options as well as tamper evident seals to ensure the safety of customers.

*We offers many other caps and cap styles! Looking for something specific? Let us know! Our representatives will be happy to answer your questions!

Blister Packaging
Blister packaging provides a hard plastic enclosure that encases your product by individual pieces or by dosage. Depending on size, each Blister sheet can hold up to a certain amount of capsules/tablets. A box (outer packaging) may be needed to contain the sheets, which we can help you create through our Design Department.

Looking for more ways to make your product more recognizable? The foil backing of blisters are a good place to print your product’s logo or name! Seeing the logo/name on the foil backing is also useful for customers who take dosages with them while they’re on-the-go. For more information on our Blister Packaging or Foil-Printing services, contact us! Our representatives will be happy to answer your questions!

Other Packaging Options
To meet our customers’ growing demands, our company offers a variety of ways to package your product. If the packaging option you are looking for is not listed here or if you have any other questions regarding any of our services, please contact us with your inquiry!

Final Product & Shipping

The Final Product
We guarantee excellent quality and customer service! To provide you with the highest quality dietary supplements, final products are thoroughly inspected for imperfections before they are sent out. Our professional staff double checks and confirms all label designs for any graphical errors, spelling mistakes, or missing information before they are printed and applied to the product packaging. The finished products are boxed into cases and handled with care to ensure that they are protected during transit. When ready, your final product will be shipped to you.
Shipping & Delivery
We ship all our orders by UPS and offer tracking on all orders. If you prefer another method of shipping please let us know and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

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